What Does a Princess Really Look Like? | Book Review

Our 3-year old absolutely adores story time, so I love discovering brand new children’s books just as much as Joshua does. When I find an exciting new book that I know he will love, I cannot wait to share it with him. Reading to Joshua is such a wonderful time of the day, where not only can we relax together and cuddle tucked away in the corner of his bedroom on the armchair, but we can learn, discover and explore too. Reading is learning about the world and is so important to get right.

When Mark Loewen sent me a copy of his beautiful book ‘What Does a Princess Really Look Like?’, I could not wait to have a ready myself!

The story follows Chloe who dreams of being a ballerina princess. She set down to create her very own princess, but it is more than just a simple picture. Chloe realises that princesses are far more than just beautiful, they are strong too! Chloe shows her two Dads her creation and she learns that while her princess is not perfect, her imperfection makes her who she is.

Some of the inspiring themes within this beautiful book are that you cannot let anything stop you from being you and chasing your dreams. Everyone is imperfect and that is wonderful; your imperfections make you who you are and that is unique.

It is so important for children to see that girls and women are far more than their looks, they are strong, brave, beautiful and smart. But by no means do you have to be them all. Chloe’s Princess is perfectly imperfect and this is more than okay.

Mark has written the character in such a brilliant way that she encourages children to be exactly who they are and that in itself is perfect. I also love how the story deals with the non-issue of Chloe having two Dads. It is never a focus of the story, it just exists as part of it, and this is exactly how writers should be approaching it! No fuss… just how it should be. This book is a fantastic example of how we need more books to highlight LGBT+ families.

This wonderful interactive book is a must-read for your little ones and is definitely one to follow them into their late childhood to look back on.


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