Untamed Raptor Dino [Review]

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in exchange of this post

Last year, there was a huge hype around Fingerlings. Fingerlings were little monkeys that sat on your finger and would react to different noises and motions. If you don’t know what they are, where have you been hiding? Fingerlings became so popular that there is even a television show! As well as a whole host of other animals in the range.

Joshua has been spotting them in toy stores since they got released and he fell in love with them. My Mum bought herself a Fingerling, but Joshua very quickly claimed it for himself! Then came the release of the Untamed Raptor Dinos. We stumbled across a demo of them in a toy store around the release date and Joshua went crazy for them.


The Untamed Raptor Dino is a brilliant little toy that reacts to motion, noises, and touch which makes it the perfect interactive toy for little ones. The Raptor Dino makes a range of sounds from roaring to even snapping its jaws. But don’t worry parents, it has an off switch!! (Ha!)

The Untamed Raptor Dino is recommended for children aged five and above, however I personally think that it would be suitable for younger children too. It’s a great interactive toy which is why it’s so much fun. Your little ones can let their imagination run wild and truly create their own little world.

Do your little ones have their own Untamed Raptor Dino?


*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in return for an honest review.


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