Lockdown Diaries: Week Seven

I was speaking to Jamie about how quick Oliver is growing – I can’t believe my dinky bubba is already 5 months old! He has spent most of his life in lockdown but while it doesn’t seem too long ago he was born, lockdown itself seems to be going so slow.

Every day is feeling the same now; all I seem to be doing is housework and juggling home-schooling in-between feeding Oliver and keeping him entertained. Then there’s my work, which seems to always be the thing that’s forgotten. I seem to be reliving the same day over and over and it’s driving me slightly insane. I need something to break up the week!

The weekdays are going by so slow, but the weekends go within a blink of an eye. We are still having weekends because Jamie works during the week and I relax my work over the weekend. But it’s also the only time when I can crack on with certain bits of housework, so it’s over before I know it. But we do get to spend a fair bit of family time – playing games, playing Xbox together, having film days and generally having a bit more of a relaxing time.

What We’ve Been Doing

We haven’t been getting outside for walks as much as I would have liked recently. We don’t have a garden at the moment, as it’s being renovated, but we have now booked in the last lot of waste to be cleared from when we cut down all the trees etc. Once it’s all been cleared next week, we can get preparing the soil for turf and laying new paving slabs. Hopefully the kids will soon be able to get out in our garden.

Untitled design (15)

We went on a walk along the seafront on Sunday, which was the first time we have been there since Christmas Day. It’s been weird not going because we usually go to the beach all the time to grab some doughnuts, visit the arcades, walk along the sand, build sandcastles and stop for ice-cream. But it was lovely getting out and Oliver is loving the outside world that he has forgotten – before he falls asleep in the fresh air, he is fascinated by everything he sees.

We’ve had a few visits from family recently – social distancing of course. They visit for an hour or two and get to see Oliver and he is loving chatting to them as he LOVES people. It’s far nicer seeing people in person than through a screen and it’s been great for Oliver to get slowly re-introduced to his family again. Joshua doesn’t like it too much as he doesn’t enjoy standing in the hallway talking – it’s just not his thing, but he likes to pop his head around and say hello.

lockdown activities

In the evenings, me and Jamie have started doing some jigsaws and we have also been re-watching all the Marvel films in chronological order. We’ve gone through our list on Netflix and finished a lot of series that we started but never got to the end of such as Van Helsing and Sabrina.

The biggest thing to come out of this week is the decision of whether or not to send Joshua back to school. Joshua’s school phoned us to ask what we have decided; to be honest, we are unsure. While, of course, Joshua’s safety is paramount… he needs school. He needs the routine, he’s heartbroken about missing his friends and teacher and he’s forgetting some of what he has learnt so we’re worried about how far behind he could potentially get. We are waiting to hear of what precautions they have put in place before we make any decision. It’s just not an easy decision for us and I hate how we have been faced with it already.

All in all, I’ve had a weird week and I’ve felt a bit all over the place. I’ve had some good days but equally some bad too. I’ve had days where I have felt like I’ve failed completely as a parent but also days where I’ve felt on top of everything. I then realised that I forgot to take my medication for a few days and when I’m off it, I can’t cope at all, so now that I’m ‘back on it’ I’m feeling a bit better.

How are you finding lockdown? How are you filling your days?


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