A How-To Guide on Tailoring Your Content to Your Target Audience

Are you a content writer and struggling to engage your target audience? Part of being a copywriter or content creator is learning how to talk your audiences’ language. Working as a copywriter means that we are constantly creating and adjusting to different audiences’, so it can often get a bit muddy.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can effectively tailor your content to your target audience.

Defining Your Target Audience

You should begin by understanding who your target audience is. But before you can do this, you should ask yourself: who am I already reaching?

Work on analysing your existing audience, who are already engaging with your content, and start building your audience profiles. You should store details on their age, gender, location, and anything about them that will help you to understand who they are.

Once you have profiled your engaged audience, you can then expand it further with who you are trying to reach.

As you start building a picture of your audience and who you would like to target, it will go a long way in helping you craft your content. Your profile database will help you drive them towards your content and begin seeing improvements in your engagement.

Tip: for each piece you write, you need to consider its purpose, which platform you are publishing it on, and if it is targeting a specific group of people. For example, your business may target professionals who work from home but the piece that you are writing right now is focusing on a sub-section of your audience who has children.

Not only does tailoring your content mean to understand who your audience is, but you also need to be aware of when, where, and how they will be consuming your content. What mood are you hoping to catch them in? What are you wanting them to do – sign up to a newsletter, be informed, or make a purchase? Where are they reading – while commuting? Are they chilling out after a day of work? Relaxing on a weekend?

If you can answer those questions, then they will guide you in which tone you should be writing.

Lastly, you now need to understand your target audiences’ use of language by reading the content they enjoy and using analytic tools to take a closer look at their social media – the aim of this is to successfully identify keywords and phrases that they are using.

A Tip Before You Start Writing

Now that you have a clearly defined target audience to create content for, here is a pointer before you get to work.

Some writers find it helpful to have their audiences’ profiles displayed in front of where they work. Find a technique that works for you, but here are some ideas:

  • Create a board of keywords and the language that they use.
  • Make a playlist of the type of music they listen to.
  • Read and consume content that they read and share.

Hopefully, this will help inspire you and keep you on track if you find yourself dropping into your natural voice.

Final Thoughts

Before I leave you, here are some final pointers for you to remember.

Always strive to be relatable in your writing – you want your audience to know that you understand how they feel and see things from their perspective. To do this, you need to work at listening to them. If an audience feels related to, they are happier to continue consuming your content and will return.

Think about their challenges and frustrations, which will help you on your way to crafting content that suits their needs – and in turn, your business is not just relatable but empathetic to them.

Your writing needs to be providing your target audience with the right content – the content that they need. The idea here is to not take the lead in conversations, instead provide helpful content to prove to your audience that you are aware of their needs and can meet them.

If you are struggling to craft content for your business, message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or kaidenlaverty@gmail.com


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