[AD] How to Achieve a Clean and Tidy Home… and Keep it That Way

*This is a collaborative post

When you are busy trying to balance parenting with working it can be a challenge to keep the house looking clean and tidy. You may feel like you are fighting a losing battle just getting the kids to tidy their toys, without even attempting to tackle sorting out the rest of the house.

An untidy home can leave you feeling anxious and stressed out. When your house is messy or packed with clutter, the thought that you need to get it sorted out can leave you feeling under pressure but the idea of tackling the mess can be an overwhelming prospect. However, a clean and tidy home can really help to transform the way that you live. Without the burden of lots of mess to clean and tidy, you are more likely to keep housework at a manageable level. An organised home will also help you to be able to relax without the guilt of feeling that you should be tidying up. Ready to begin your journey towards an easy to maintain, tidy home? Here’s how to get started:

Start Small

If the idea of tidying and cleaning the entire house from top to bottom in one day is a little overwhelming then start small! Attempting too much, too soon, is likely to make you give up, whereas trying the task in small steps makes it easier for you to persevere. Make sure that you focus your attention on one area of the house at a time. Focusing on one area will enable you to do a thorough job, and will also allow you to see the results faster. Noticing that your efforts are making a difference will help you to stay motivated and continue.

Clear Away Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of an organised home. To keep your home clean and tidy in the long term, clutter is something that needs to be taken care of. The issue with clutter is that it builds up so gradually you may not even notice it to begin with. Clutter can quickly become a problem when you have kids, as they seem to have so much stuff! 

To take control of your clutter it is wise to get rid of it quickly rather than sorting it out and then leaving it languishing in the corner to deal with another day. Tackling the clutter issue and then removing the stuff from your home fast is the best way to get the stuff gone and to reclaim your new, tidy, living space. Using a same day rubbish removal service such as Same Day Rubbish Removal is an excellent way to get your rubbish gone quickly.

Find a Routine That Works for You
Once the house is clean and tidy, it is essential to find a routine that works with your schedule so that you can keep it looking great for the long term. Carrying out a few cleaning and tidying jobs each day is the best way to keep your home looking fantastic.


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