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piccolo just for you subscription box

The weaning process can be a difficult time for parents. On both occasions, when the weaning age was coming up for both of my boys, I have been excited to get going. But I shortly got overwhelmed with knowing where to begin with baby weaning food.

When you start baby weaning or baby led weaning, there are a million and one things to think about. What weaning foods do you try your baby on first? What foods are safe for them to try? Do I need to avoid some ingredients? Baby-led? Purees? Wouldn’t it be great if you could pass over the stress to someone else entirely? That’s exactly what Piccolo Just-For-You Boxes are all about. We tried out their subscription boxes to see what their new tailored service is like.

What Is Inside a Piccolo Just-For-You Subscription Box?

The whole idea around Piccolo boxes is that they are tailored to your baby and their dietary requirements, therefore every box will vary according to the information that you provide. However, here is an idea of what may be included within a standard meal box and a cooking box, based on what I received.

I was sent a meal box and cooking box aimed at 10 month olds. We had a variety of different foods to try which included:


Spring Vegetables & Chicken Casserole – 7+ months, Textured

Beef Bolognese – 7+ months, Textured

Three Vegetable Mac & Cheese – 7+ Months, Textured

Tomato & Mozzarella Spaghetti – Smooth

Cherry Yogurt with Wholegrains – Smooth

Raspberry Yogurt with Wholegrains – Smooth


Teething Squares – Banana & Blueberry


Butterfly Pasta

Beef Bolognese Stir-In Sauce – x3

Pumpkin & Cheese Stir-In Sauce – x3

Chicken Stock Cubes – 1 box

Vegetable Stock Cubes – 1 box

Sustainable Baby Food & Packaging

When I started weaning at 6 months with Oliver, I made an effort to avoid baby food pouches. While other baby food pouches are not recyclable, Piccolo have worked hard to create Europe’s first ever 100% recyclable pouch. Not only that but Piccolo also care about being sustainable with their ingredients. Piccolo source their ingredients all from independent family farms as well as reducing the company’s carbon related activities.

piccolo just for you subscription box

How Much Do Piccolo Subscription Boxes Cost?

Piccolo Just-For-You Subscription Boxes start from £35 for a formula box, £50 for a meal box, and £25 for a cooking box. Courier delivery is free of charge. I chose a 2-in-1 box and ordered a meal box and a cooking box, which costs £75 in total.

Where to Buy Piccolo Baby Food

Some of you may have seen Piccolo on the shelves of supermarkets already but there are more places where you can get hold of your little ones favourite tasty meals and snacks! You can pick up Piccolo baby food in supermarkets and through their direct online store. But their Just-For-You subscription boxes are a tailored service that is available through the Piccolo website only.

To order your first subscription box you will be asked some quick questions about your baby and their diet, so that the experts can tailor your baby food options. You will be asked for your baby’s age, any allergies, dietary restrictions, and what you want to achieve through weaning – i.e increasing intake of green veg.

You can then choose between ordering a meal box, cooking box, a formula box, or a combination. You also choose how often you would like to receive your subscription boxes. So, it is up to you whether you want your baby to eat a Piccolo meal once a day to supplement your home cooking or use it for multiple meals and snacks.

One of the great things about Piccolo Just-For-You boxes is that you are in control over how long you stay subscribed. With no minimum subscription length, you can cancel at any time, as long as your next box hasn’t been dispatched.

An expert at Piccolo will then use all of the information that you provided to carefully select age-appropriate meals and snacks for your baby. Your Just-For-You box will then arrive by courier.

Piccolo Just-For-You Subscription Box

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating meals with our Just-For-You box. One of the great things about Piccolo Just-For-You subscription boxes is that you are in complete control. You get to choose the types of foods you get sent and the frequency of deliveries. While you pay a premium for having your boxes hand-picked for you and delivered to your door, it will be a huge help for many families.

Piccolo provide great quality baby food that are free from refined sugar, salt, and palm oil and every box contains 35-40 meals or snacks that are just as tasty as you would have hoped! We had a mixture of foods perfect for baby led feeding as well as purees/spoon-fed foods. I personally had a taste of most of the pouches and meals. I can honestly say that I wasn’t disappointed! Unlike many other jar and pouch foods out there, Piccolo baby food tastes like what it is rather than bland mush.

If you are looking for hassle-free, tasty, and organic meals, then look no further!


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