Inspiring Imaginations with K’Nex

Disclosure – We were sent the featured product in exchange of this post; however, all opinions are my own.

Joshua has enjoyed construction toys for as long as I can remember. From the age of 18 months or so, he showed an interest in blocks and ever since then, he’s tried so many different construction and building sets out there.

Over lockdown, we delved into the backs of our cupboards and in the attic in search of anything ‘new’ to keep Joshua occupied. I managed to find one of my old K’Nex Rollercoaster sets – which takes around a whopping 12 hours to build! With plenty of time on our hands, we set out to build it. We built it slowly over several days and Joshua loved every part of it. K’Nex soon became a new favourite and I dug out my old K’Nex box too – it’s a big box full of bits. No instructions, just every part you can imagine! Joshua had so much fun creating whatever he could think of, that when K’Nex sent us a couple of sets to try, he was thrilled.

We received the K’Nex Rad Rides (12 in 1) set and the K’Nex K-Force Battle Bow set. Both sets came with brilliant, clear instructions showing each step of the build – perfect for your little ones to independently create.

K’Nex Rad Rides 12 in 1 Building Set

Joshua chose to build his K’Nex Rad Rides set first and decided to start with a car. With little help, Joshua managed to build the set himself. Considering he is 6 years old and that the set is aimed at 7–12-year-olds, he did very well.

In our K’Nex Rad Rides set, it came with the instruction booklet that takes you through the steps of building everything your little ones can imagine from a car, motorbike, to a boat car! The set comes with 206 pieces, giving enough to either follow one of the amazing creation ideas or for your child to build something of their own.

Once Joshua had completed his first build, he knew what he wanted to do next. Almost immediately he exclaimed, “I’m going to do the boat car next!” The very next day, he did just that.

K’Nex K-Force Battle Bow Building Set

Next up, was the K’Nex K-Force Battle Bow set which came with 165 pieces, 5 foam darts, some cut-out targets so your little ones can practice their aiming skills, and as ever some other exciting building ideas. With your K-Force Battle Bow set you can create some differently styled blasters as well as a stand for your target.

It has been an absolute joy watching him build and use his imagination with K’Nex, just like I did when I was his age. From the day our sets arrived, he was creating something new almost daily – he couldn’t stop thinking about all the different builds he could do. Seeing him inspired to get creative has been amazing. Building with K’Nex supports the developmental growth of fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, manual dexerity, and spatial awareness. K’Nex is an engaging and fun way to provide your little ones with an understanding of STEM subjects.

I just know that as he gets older, more and more K’Nex sets will be bought and added onto his wish list for sure.

Both of the sets are available from John Lewis.


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