Lockdown Has Changed My Life

Lockdown has changed all our lives temporarily, but for us as a family it has changed a lot on how we want to live our lives from now on – as individuals and as a family unit. With most people wishing that their lives could get back to normal, for us we just don’t wantContinue reading “Lockdown Has Changed My Life”

A Lockdown Letter | To Oliver, I’m Sorry

When we decided to grow our family to become a family of four, we couldn’t have timed it better for us as a family. While I don’t feel like there is ever a ‘perfect time’ to have a baby, this was ‘the time’ for us. It felt right. Then COVID-19 happened and lockdown began. OliverContinue reading “A Lockdown Letter | To Oliver, I’m Sorry”

Lockdown Silver Linings

I usually like to try and find the positives in situations, but I will be honest, lockdown has been a tough one for me! It hasn’t been easy finding positives in our current situation, but they are there! It may not all be rainbows and positive vibes, but it isn’t all bad… is it? EverythingContinue reading “Lockdown Silver Linings”

Lockdown Diaries: Week Seven

I was speaking to Jamie about how quick Oliver is growing – I can’t believe my dinky bubba is already 5 months old! He has spent most of his life in lockdown but while it doesn’t seem too long ago he was born, lockdown itself seems to be going so slow. Every day is feelingContinue reading “Lockdown Diaries: Week Seven”

Parent Guilt in Lockdown

In case nobody has asked today, how are you all? Life is all a bit shit at the moment, isn’t it? While Jamie continues working (from home), I’m juggling all the housework (which there is a continuous flow of with all 4 of us at home), working myself as I work from home anyway andContinue reading “Parent Guilt in Lockdown”

It’s All Just a Bit Shit

Well, it’s all a bit shit at the moment, isn’t it? How are you all? We are now on week two of lockdown here in the UK – to be honest it may be less, it may be more; I have lost all sense of time! With the schools shutting, we are now home-schooling whileContinue reading “It’s All Just a Bit Shit”

Home School & Self-Isolation Ideas for Kids

We have all heard the news by now – we are home schoolers! Eek. For our family, schools closing has been great news. But the idea of having to home school is quite daunting. I have spent some time preparing because as of Monday, I better get cracking! We have no way of knowing howContinue reading “Home School & Self-Isolation Ideas for Kids”